First Weber Group REALTORS®

Our Mission and Values

First Weber Group’s Mission

To provide the most comprehensive and effective real estate services in Wisconsin with a staff of ethical, highly trained professionals, while being recognized as the most innovative and successful firm.

Our Core Values


First Weber Group is proud of its reputation. We are committed to providing real estate services in a professional, competent, and ethical manner while providing these services to the highest degree expected by the real estate consuming public.

And, in providing these real estate services, we will always be knowledgeable of current market conditions, legal issues, and responsibilities while consistently striving to meet the objectives of the customer/client.


We are always respectful, courteous and considerate in working relationships with the FWG staff, showing patience and gratitude.

Regardless of role or job title, every member of FWG is expected to show respect, courtesy, consideration, patience and appreciation in all working relationships.


We are team oriented, perform all tasks and responsibilities with pride, and have a strong belief in company loyalty.

FWG provides and encourages individual growth within our team oriented structure, consistently developing technology, training and systems for future opportunities for all.


All members of FWG seek personal growth and success by availing themselves of educational opportunities, both personal and professional.

Personal integrity is a must.

Other Realtors®

Through cooperation with other professionals, we have achieved a reputation that exceeds industry standards.

The Golden Rule is lived daily.

Real Estate Industry

We firmly believe in the real estate industry and the services provided. We understand the importance of maintaining and improving the image of the REALTOR®.

Volunteering within industry groups is important because our individual contributions strengthen the profession.

Community Involvement

We are part of the community in which we live. We are committed to keeping our communities strong so we are active in civic organizations.

We, by the nature of our business, sell “Quality of Life.” Constant improvement is required.

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