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    acular, upscale, private new neighborhood. One of the highest sites in Brown County providing phenomenal views of City lights and sunsets. Large, rolling, private, partially wooded home sites with exposed lower level potential. Many home sites offer wooded ravine with creek. This unique setting is in high demand. Do not miss the opportunity to build your dream home. Waste Available to Site = Laterals."/> paceb#oss.js"_iptio etak i

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    So5dle> cong> on 9/29 JRT6Getak i k &w=135&h=110" altND837 PINE ST" " con="837 PINE ST"/Sjs"hi Family Esside. Man2 bedroom , 1 bathsngSeedrby Sho 5west, Estaaors -1536"D837 PINE STpaceb.'ry="og: So5dle> cong> on 7/8 JRT6Getak i k &w=135&h=110" altND9120 GEORGE ST" " con="9120 GEORGE ST"/Sjs"hi Family Esside. Man2 bedroom , 2 bathsngSeedrby Kelljn Wjlliams Green Bay "D9120 GEORGE STpaceb.'ry="og: So5dle> cong> on 8/ /JRT6Getak i k &w=135&h=110" altNDSECRET GARDEN CT28, L30" " con="SECRET GARDEN CT28, L30"/Vacant, WI"/8, s & AID' ge0 bedroom , 0 bathsngSeedrby Radue Estaty -9793"DSECRET GARDEN CT28, L30paceb.'ry="og: paceb.'ry="og014.iss. us_So5dAsearch-'rac"-max_109500/search-'rac"-min_59500/zip-code_"/> /sc_l_oss.js"_'rack+DESC/sd_S2/">Mo 5ppariph4>etak i etak i p/div>paceb.odside_moduhi #so5dn nearby paceb.'rc" sidebar #sbar similar so5dn You havtingarchedrRANDE RIDGE DR Lot 28, De Pere WI 5| Firion=nedrown County proviWI. You can savaDE RIDGE DR Lot 28, De Pere WI 5| Firto dreamMy Weber Realtftes(objn creekamMy Weber RealttRe proppar. To ngarchrRANDrty="ogies nearDE RIDGE DR Lot 28, De Pere WI 5| Fi, please conduct anothaltngarchrat,oppormoberndeprehensivtinourcerRANDWisjqnsin Estate --> Inform=no,mn hisuppliedrby selljn unseothaltthirdially e sunsehasmiss been verified.etak i link i
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