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North Shore

First Weber Realtors North Shore

4650 N Port Washington Rd
Glendale, WI 53212-0970
Map & Directions

Phone: (414) 962-3000

Fax: (414) 962-3990

Career opportunities Meet the Manager

Portrait of Suzanne Head

Suzanne Head

North Shore

Work: 414-962-3000

Direct: 414-755-1608

Portrait of Bob Haglund

Bob Haglund

North Shore

Mobile: 262.389.5193

Work: 414.755.1625

Assistant Mgr., Relocation Specialist, Buyer Agency

North Shore Agents

Portrait of Kelly Adelsen

Kelly Adelsen

North Shore

Mobile: 414-573-5052

Direct: 414-755-1667

Portrait of Lisa Aranda

Lisa Aranda

North Shore

Mobile: 414-617-4184

Work: 414-755-1618

Greater Milwaukee Corporate Relocation & Luxury Homes

Portrait of Charles Awosika

Charles Awosika

North Shore

Mobile: (414)397-1059

Work: 414-755-1628

Languages: Yoruba

Portrait of Brad Boese

Brad Boese

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 520-4528

Work: (414) 962-3000

REALTOR, MCP, Buyer Agency Trained

Portrait of Kathy Bohn

Kathy Bohn

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 378-8482

Other: (414)755-1678

Relocation Specialist, Multi-Million Dollar Producer, CHMS, ABR

Portrait of Jean Boothby

Jean Boothby

North Shore

Mobile: 262-894-0142

Home: 414-755-1695

Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

Portrait of Shar Borg

Shar Borg

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 243-9836

Other: (262) 754-6470

Portrait of Bonnie Bruckner

Bonnie Bruckner

North Shore

Mobile: (414)788-1109

Work: 414)962-3000

Portrait of Susan Cattey

Susan Cattey

North Shore

Mobile: 414-218-8947

Direct: 414-755-1626

Portrait of Jim Christenson

Jim Christenson

North Shore

Mobile: 414-745-7924

Work: 414-755-1613

Portrait of Peggy Coffey

Peggy Coffey

North Shore

Mobile: 414-234-8622

Direct: 414-755-1634

Portrait of Wendy Crawford

Wendy Crawford

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 232-0663

Work Fax: (414) 755-1632

Senior Executive Associate, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Rel

Portrait of Colette Daniels

Colette Daniels

North Shore

Mobile: 414-364-6054

Other: 414-962-3000

Portrait of Mary Deeken

Mary Deeken

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 403-6279

Direct: (414) 755-1612

Portrait of Adam Deutch

Adam Deutch

North Shore

Mobile: 520-730-2705

Direct: 414-755-1685

Portrait of Patrina Echols

Patrina Echols

North Shore

Mobile: 414-397-5032

Work: 414-755-1646

Portrait of Missy Engroff

Missy Engroff

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 331.0233

Work Fax: (262) 754.6408

Portrait of Genevieve C. Erez

Genevieve C. Erez

North Shore

Mobile: 414-745-3808

Direct: 414-755-1636

Portrait of Tarpey- Franz Team

Tarpey- Franz Team

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 403-3600 (Gayl)

Direct: (414) 426-8556 (Dawn)

Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Portrait of Deborah Gollin

Deborah Gollin

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 379-9442

Home: (262) 242-9610

Senior Associate Executive President's Circle Platinum

Portrait of Pam Grant

Pam Grant

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 559-5563

Work: (414) 755-1624

Senior Executive Associate, ABR, Luxury Home Specialist, Presidents Silver

Portrait of Kimya Green

Kimya Green

North Shore

Mobile: 414-419-9858

Direct: 414-755-1671

Realtor Broker Associate

Portrait of Andrew Han

Andrew Han

North Shore

Mobile: 414-331-6057

Work: 414-755-1668

Portrait of Devin Hawthorne

Devin Hawthorne

North Shore

Mobile: 414-467-9399

Direct: 414-755-1654

Portrait of Kelsey Hawthorne

Kelsey Hawthorne

North Shore

Mobile: 414-841-3412

Direct: 414-755-1689

Portrait of Johvon Holmes

Johvon Holmes

North Shore

Mobile: 414-213-1278

Direct: 414-755-1643

Portrait of Justin Jenkins

Justin Jenkins

North Shore

Mobile: 414-526-8747

Work Fax: 414-755-1690

Portrait of Trudy Jonas

Trudy Jonas

North Shore

Direct: (414) 755-1610

Home: (414) 352-7446

Portrait of Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

North Shore

Direct: 414-755-1672

Mobile: 414-688-4271

Portrait of Kim Jones

Kim Jones

North Shore

Mobile: 262-419-9344

Direct: 414-755-1614


Languages: Spanish

Portrait of Chris Katzban

Chris Katzban

North Shore

Mobile: 262-339-0349

Direct: 414-755-1682

Portrait of Ronald Kelly

Ronald Kelly

North Shore

Mobile: 414-839-1434

Mobile: 414-839-1434

Portrait of Frances Koonce

Frances Koonce

North Shore

Mobile: 414-208-7371

Direct: 414-755-1693

Portrait of Heather LaBonte

Heather LaBonte

North Shore

Mobile: 414-379-3830

Work: 414-755-1619

Portrait of Chad Larget

Chad Larget

North Shore

Mobile: 414-510-9888

Direct: 414-755-1656

Portrait of Jess Leider

Jess Leider

North Shore

Mobile: 262-573-3121

Direct: 414-755-1666

Portrait of The Local Team

The Local Team

North Shore

Mobile: 414-213-9014 (Kel)

Mobile: 414-238-5639 (Matt)

Member of: GMAR, NAR, WRA, MLS, YPN

Portrait of Jaime Lubner

Jaime Lubner

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 526-3166

Work Fax: 414-755-1635

Portrait of Kevin Macdonald

Kevin Macdonald

North Shore

Mobile: 928-225-0563

Direct: 414-755-1617

Portrait of Tamara Maddente

Tamara Maddente

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 617-8902

Home: (414) 963-8902

Vice President, Regional Manager

Portrait of Kristy Mani

Kristy Mani

North Shore

Mobile: (262)893-0292

Direct: (414) 755-1629

Portrait of Ashley McKeegan

Ashley McKeegan

North Shore

Mobile: 414-702-2246

Direct: 414-755-1658

Portrait of Temeeka Mitchell

Temeeka Mitchell

North Shore

Mobile: 414-243-9783

Direct: 414-755-1676

Portrait of Chris Muellenbach

Chris Muellenbach

North Shore

Mobile: 414-335-8035

Direct: 414-755-1640

Portrait of Heidi Niespodzany

Heidi Niespodzany

North Shore

Mobile: 920-606-1775

Direct: 414-755-1652

Languages: ASL - American Sign Language

Portrait of Jamie Nitka

Jamie Nitka

North Shore

Mobile: 414-238-3896

Direct: 414-755-1691

Portrait of Danny Noonan

Danny Noonan

North Shore

Mobile: (414)207-7851

Direct: (414) 755-1649

Portrait of Dawn Olander

Dawn Olander

North Shore

Mobile: 414-418-2141

Direct: 414-755-1684

Portrait of Jim Ollrogge

Jim Ollrogge

North Shore

Mobile: 414-617-6185

Home: (414)-276-4510

Portrait of Chris Ott

Chris Ott

North Shore

Mobile: 414-405-5200

Work Fax: 414-755-1694

Senior Real Estate Specialist SRES Accredited Buyer's Representative ABR

Portrait of Karla Pakulski

Karla Pakulski

North Shore

Mobile: 262-844-1055

Direct: 414-755-1688

Portrait of Brittni Patterson

Brittni Patterson

North Shore

Mobile: 414-409-8973

Direct: 414-755-1647

Portrait of Colette Petitt

Colette Petitt

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 581-5938

Work: 4147551662

CRS,GRI,CSS *Call Colette Today!*

Portrait of Sally Prell

Sally Prell

North Shore

Mobile: 414-313-1203

Direct: 414-755-1623

Portrait of Marty Reed

Marty Reed

North Shore

Direct: (414) 755-1677

Mobile: 414-687-6677

Portrait of Melanie Royer

Melanie Royer

North Shore

Mobile: 414-801-9005

Direct: 414-755-1630

Portrait of Stephanie Sandall

Stephanie Sandall

North Shore

Mobile: (262)365-7647

Direct: (414) 755-1663

Portrait of Candyce Schomisch

Candyce Schomisch

North Shore

Direct: 414.755.1681

Work: (262)797-7600 x1681

Portrait of Kelly Seaman & Associates

Kelly Seaman & Associates

North Shore

Mobile: 414.350.3166

Work Fax: 262.754.6408

All Company Top Producer, North Shore Sales Leader & Luxury Specialist

Portrait of Betsy Shock

Betsy Shock

North Shore

Mobile: 414-426-1358

Direct: 414-755-1679

Languages: French & German - both professional fluency

Portrait of Lauren Siegel

Over $160 Million in Sales, Cert Luxury Marketing Specialist, Relo Expert

Languages: English

Portrait of Matthew Slaaen

Matthew Slaaen

North Shore

Mobile: 414-238-5639

Direct: 414-755-1669

Portrait of Derse A. Smith

Derse A. Smith

North Shore

Mobile: (414) 698-3242

Work Fax: eFax (414) 755-1641

Relocation Specialist/President's Circle

Portrait of Dawn Tarpey

Dawn Tarpey

North Shore

Mobile: 414-426-8556

Direct: 414-755-1673

Languages: Spanish

Portrait of Curt Trau

Curt Trau

North Shore

Mobile: 262-389-0812

Direct: 414-755-1696

Portrait of Tracy Treacy

Tracy Treacy

North Shore

Mobile: 414-520-2920

Home: 262-790-9976

Portrait of Ed Treis

Ed Treis

North Shore

Mobile: 262-366-7451

Direct: 414-755-1622

Commercial, Development & Investment Specialist

Portrait of Joe Voith

Joe Voith

North Shore

Mobile: 414-469-5010

Mobile: 414-469-5010

Portrait of Bradley Wabiszewski

Bradley Wabiszewski

North Shore

Mobile: 414-839-2731

Work: 414-755-1611

Portrait of Dana Witkowski

Dana Witkowski

North Shore

Mobile: 414-243-1470

Direct: 414-755-1604