I moved to Oshkosh for LOVE! YES... for love. I followed my heart and my husband to Oshkosh and never looked back. Moving here as been such an adventure, changing careers, getting married and raising my son. Our adventure began in the winter of 2012, first big thing we bought besides our beautiful home was a snow blower! As the winter progressed I came to find out why we are called "Event City"! We participated in all the fun winter activities and found a new appreciation for the art of Ice Fishing and Sturgeon spearing. Life is never dull here in Oshkosh. I really was taken by the rich history of Oshkosh, my husband being a history teacher we embraced all there is to take in regarding just how special our fine city is! Who wouldn't want to live here. As the seasons have come an gone I can truly say, "I belong", and that is just how I want all new people coming to Oshkosh to feel; YOU BELONG!

  • Hair Designer for 35 years
  • Taught Cosmetology at VICI Beauty School
  • Studied at The Aveda Insitute of beauty and wellness 
  • Real Estate School at Laurel Stone School of Real Estate
  • Water Fitness Instructor at the down town Oshkosh YMCA
  • Member of the Oshkosh Yacht Club
  • Member of the Paine Art Center