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Becky Funk

As your real estate agent, it is my intention to build a relationship with you and to listen to you, so that together we can find the best home and best price for you and your family. Being an owner of multiple homes myself over the past 20 years, I can relate to how emotional it may be, listing a house you have lived in for years, and discovering the best fit for your future home. It’s an exciting and overwhelming process, but you don’t have to do it alone! I will be there every step of the way and keep things as smooth as possible while paying close attention to details. I will listen to what you need and want, and I will offer advice.

Though the path of real estate has been a fairly new road, I do know a thing or two about owning, buying and selling property, and can relate on a personal level. I returned from Door County to Madison since being a UW Graduate several years back. In Door County, I ran a successful landscape maintenance business for about 18 years, but ultimately decided to return to my alma mater. With the move came change. I went back to school, studied, and became one of the hardest-working and most trusted veterinary nurses in the area. I even assisted in surgery on a tiger! I did recognize that though my life had been an ever-changing adventure, I wanted to plant some roots in Madison and help others do the same. So, I entered the real estate field, and I welcome you to join me on this new adventure, together!