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Chris Dowds

          I got my first job when I was 12. I made a deal with my Father, if he would buy me a push mower and weed eater I would take care of our yard for free. As soon as I had my equipment I went door to door finding customers in my neighborhood. After a week of knocking, I had 5 weekly customers and my business was off and running. - Thank you Dad, you taught me a great lesson - I learned from a young age that if you want something you have to go out and get it for yourself. 

          This lesson helped me again when I was blessed with the opportunity to join Celebrant Singers as an audio technician when I was 17. I was able to not only minister to people in the United States, but was afforded the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, South America and North America. We used music as our main ministry and then volunteered in the churches we would assist.

          As my life changed roles from traveling to family man, I again was presented with a new challenge. The apartment complex I lived in at the time just lost their maintenance technician and offered me the job. Four years later I was given the chance to take over management of the apartments as well. After 14 years of maintenance and apartment management I now crave a new challenge.