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Lake Country

First Weber Realtors Lake Country

2750A Golf Rd
Delafield, WI 53018
Map & Directions

Phone: (262) 646-6800

Fax: (262) 646-6810

Career opportunities Meet the Manager

Portrait of Roger Rushman

Roger Rushman

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 333-5313

Direct: 262-337-9250

Vice President

Lake Country Agents

Portrait of Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-467-9438

Direct: 262-337-9249

Portrait of Dani Austin-Rauch

Dani Austin-Rauch

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 788-3264

Work: (262) 337-9289

ABR, CSS, Relocation Specialist, New Construction Specialist

Portrait of The Austin-Rauch Team

The Austin-Rauch Team

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 788-3264 (Dani)

Mobile: (262) 468-6364 (Abby)

Portrait of Marilee Baranowski

Marilee Baranowski

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-581-8518

Work: 262-646-6800


Portrait of The Baranowski-Tweeden Team

The Baranowski-Tweeden Team

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-893-8194 (Jodi)

Mobile: 414-581-8518 (Marilee)

Portrait of Mark Beierle

Mark Beierle

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-758-8907

Direct: 262-337-9239

Portrait of Zoran & Marija Bogunovic

Zoran & Marija Bogunovic

Lake Country

Direct: Zoran (262) 893-4686

Mobile: Marija (262) 893-0832

Languages: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian

Portrait of Marija & Zoran Bogunovic

Marija & Zoran Bogunovic

Lake Country

Mobile: Marija (262)893-0832

Mobile: Zoran (262)893-4686

ABR, Relocation Specialists

Languages: Serbian, Bosnian, Croation

Portrait of Flora Cameron

Flora Cameron

Lake Country

Mobile: (262) 853-7119

Work Fax: 262-439-3046


Portrait of Michael Crivello

Michael Crivello

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-2827

Direct: 262-337-9281

NAR Military Relocation Professional

Portrait of Steve Demakopoulos

Steve Demakopoulos

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-391-2590

Direct: 262-337-9229

Portrait of Steve Edinger

Steve Edinger

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-322-2989

Direct: 262-337-9210

Portrait of Carol Euringer

Carol Euringer

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 840-2108

Direct: 262-337-9231

***Senior Executive Associate*** ***Relocation Specialist***

Portrait of Carol Falstad

Carol Falstad

Lake Country

Home: (262) 567-8888

Mobile: (262) 951-8886

CRS, ABR, CSS, GRI, e-PRO, Licensed Broker, Realtorę

Portrait of Martha Ford

Martha Ford

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 315-7914

Work Fax: 262439-3040

Relocation Specialist, New Construction Specialist, Buyer Agency Specialist

Portrait of Lori Fritz

Lori Fritz

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-391-0009

Direct: 262-337-9260

New Construction Specialist, Relocation Specialist

Portrait of The Fritz Team

The Fritz Team

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-391-0009 (Lori)

Mobile: 262-443-9327 (Molly)

Real Estate Professionals

Portrait of Bill Gaugert

Bill Gaugert

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-491-8809

Direct: 262-337-9206


Portrait of Mark Guirlinger

Mark Guirlinger

Lake Country

Mobile: (262) 853-1131

Work: (262)754-6400 X 1382

Portrait of Abby Hauke

Abby Hauke

Lake Country

Mobile: (262)468-6364

Direct: (262)337-9208

Portrait of Robert Herget

Robert Herget

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-720-9942

Direct: 262-337-9247

Portrait of Sue Hermes


Portrait of Scott Heyerdahl

Scott Heyerdahl

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-6970

Direct: 262-337-9276


Languages: German

Portrait of Ty Jakoblich

Ty Jakoblich

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-716-5149

Work: 262-290-5027


Portrait of Gary Jasiek

Gary Jasiek

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-0817

Direct: 262-337-9227

Portrait of Christle Jensen

Christle Jensen

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-271-6396

Home: 262-646-6822

Portrait of Linda Karl/Sam and Karly Team

Linda Karl/Sam and Karly Team

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 322-1079

Mobile: (262) 370-7927

Portrait of Renee Kasper

Renee Kasper

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-573-9009

Direct: 262-337-9221

Portrait of Harry Kavalary

Harry Kavalary

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-442-4642

Direct: 262-337-9273

Portrait of Kristin Prange Kessler

Accredited Buyer Representative(ABR), Certified Residential Specialist(CRS)

Portrait of Jim Kirk

Jim Kirk

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-690-7527

Direct: 262-337-9224

Experienced in New Construction

Portrait of Steve Kopiness

Steve Kopiness

Lake Country

Mobile: (920) 253-5265

Work Fax: 262-439-3032

Your Real Estate Professioal

Portrait of Wendy Lund

Wendy Lund

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-803-0944

Home: 414-803-0944

Portrait of Timi Lussow

Timi Lussow

Lake Country

Mobile: 715-612-8295

Direct: 262-337-9207


Portrait of Team Marciniak

Team Marciniak

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 243-5584 (Vicki)

Work: (262) 439-3079 (Ali)

Realtor, GRI, Relo Spec, SRES, Member of GMAR Professional Stand Committee

Portrait of Vicki Marciniak

Realtor, GRI, Relo Spec, SRES, Member of GMAR Professional Stand Committee

Portrait of Nancy Markos

Nancy Markos

Lake Country

Mobile: (262) 327-0113

Direct: 262-337-9253

Broker Associate, Relocation Specialist, GRI, SRES, Certified Senior Specia

Portrait of Eric Marshall

Eric Marshall

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-4975

Direct: 262-337-9242

Portrait of Diane Marshall

Diane Marshall

Lake Country

Direct: (262) 370-5246

Home: (262) 646-5246

Portrait of The Marshall Team

The Marshall Team

Lake Country

Mobile: Diane: 262-370-5246

Mobile: Eric: 262-719-4975

Associated Vice President, Number 1 Sales Team in the Lake Country Office

Languages: New Construction Specialists, Relocation Specialis

Portrait of Kassandra Maurer

Kassandra Maurer

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-395-0229

Direct: 262-337-9280

Portrait of Deb McKernan

Deb McKernan

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-378-1926

Work: 262-337-9222

Portrait of Natasha Nicholson

Natasha Nicholson

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-5676

Work: (262) 646-6800

Portrait of Jim Olson

Jim Olson

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-520-8293

Direct: 262-337-9270

Portrait of Tom Pangborn

Tom Pangborn

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-940-9494

Work: 262-337-9234

Portrait of Sam Perez/Sam and Karly Team

Sam Perez/Sam and Karly Team

Lake Country

Mobile: (262)370-7927

Mobile: (414)322-1079

Languages: Spanish

Portrait of Devin Piehl

Devin Piehl

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-4156

Direct: 262-337-9268

CCIM Candidate, Commercial Specialist, HUD approved agent

Portrait of Roxanne Platz


Portrait of Karen Reed

Karen Reed

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-531-6813

Direct: 262-337-9298

Portrait of Angela Ritonia-Peot

Angela Ritonia-Peot

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 333-1305

Direct: 262-337-9245

Portrait of Megan Sarnowski

Megan Sarnowski

Lake Country

Mobile: 847-910-0954

Direct: 262-337-9294

Relocation Specialist, Sellers Agent, Buyers Agent, New Construction Agent

Portrait of Frank Scinto

Frank Scinto

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-468-8626

Work Fax: 262-646-6810

Portrait of Kelly Secord

Kelly Secord

Lake Country

Mobile: (262) 470-1392

Direct: 262-337-9233

Relocation Specialist

Portrait of Sue Smith

CRS, GRI, ABR, CSS, Relocation Specialist

Portrait of Kimberly Stark

Kimberly Stark

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 704-6745

Direct: 262-337-9215

Your realtor for southeastern Wisconsin/Relocation/New construction/and eve

Portrait of Nicole Stevens

Nicole Stevens

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-622-2562

Direct: 262-337-9220

Portrait of Debra Swan

Debra Swan

Lake Country

Mobile: (262) 490-9000

Direct: 262-337-9261

GRI Relocation Specialist CRS

Portrait of Team TK

Team TK

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-719-0463 (Ted)

Mobile: (414)531-6813 (Karen)

Portrait of Susie MAR Thompson

ABR Buyer Agency

Portrait of Liz Tobolt

Liz Tobolt

Lake Country

Mobile: (414) 881-0738

Direct: (262) 337-9211

Over 26 years of Award-Winning Real Estate Sales

Portrait of Jodi Tweeden

Jodi Tweeden

Lake Country

Mobile: (262)893-8194

Direct: (262)646-6800

Portrait of Ted Uribe

Ted Uribe

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-719-0463

Direct: 262-337-9237

Portrait of Sarah Venes

Sarah Venes

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-349-5083

Direct: 262-337-9287


Portrait of Nancy Verre

Nancy Verre

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-370-0656

Direct: 262-337-9204


Portrait of Linda Wendelberger

Linda Wendelberger

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-9955

Work: 262-646-6800

Portrait of Tony Wendorf

Tony Wendorf

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-719-0676

Work: 262-337-9214

Portrait of Suzi Wenzel

Suzi Wenzel

Lake Country

Mobile: (262) 510-1170

Work Fax: (262) 439-3056

Licensed Realtor/Broker Associate, ABR

Portrait of Molly Wint

Molly Wint

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-443-9327

Direct: 262-337-9264

Real Estate Agent

Portrait of The Witt-Verre Team

The Witt-Verre Team

Lake Country

Mobile: 414- 640-6201 Kathy

Mobile: 262-370-0656 Nancy


Portrait of Suzy Zahorik

Suzy Zahorik

Lake Country

Mobile: 262-337-2248

Work: 262-337-9272

Portrait of Lynn Zwaska

Lynn Zwaska

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-651-9392

Direct: 262-337-9258

Broker, CRB, GRI, SRES

Portrait of Kevin Zylka

Kevin Zylka

Lake Country

Mobile: 414-659-4520

Work: (262) 646-6800